Cutting edge circus performer Stefanie Naifeh has married earth and sky in her innovative new performance. As Mariposa - The Butterfly - Stefanie emerges from a mysterious, luminescent cocoon in dark space, soars in breathtaking circles on giant, shimmering butterfly wings, then drops to the floor for an earthy combination of Ballet, Indian, Lebanese, and Latin dance. Soaring aloft, then a plunge earthward, aloft again, Stefanie powers the dialogue between flight and ecstatic dance to a dramatic and poignant climax.

Current News

Circo Atayde is touring a show in the US Under the Big Top. The show features Stefanie - Mariposa - in two solo aerial acts. .
Last year Mariposa was featured in the 28th Annual International Auto Show in Bangkok, and also in London where she performed in the ISSA Fashion Event as part of London's International Fashion Week.

She spent the rest of the year touring with Cirque Le Masque and Earth Circus. Please contact Mariposa regarding availability in 2008 and 2009.

History of the Act

Stefanie created her original act, "La Mariposa" in 2000 and 2001 in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She created the look with the collaboration of her brother, artist Ted Naifeh.

Mystique de la Mer at Sea World

La Mariposa became one of the featured acts at the premiere of "Mystique de la Mer", the evening show at Sea World. Running through the summer of 2002, Stefanie performed her inspiring aerial silk piece to enthusiastic audiences nightly.

Her music CD, Eros, is receiving enthusiastic radio play in the United States including ranking in the top 5 new World Music artists on numerous stations. For more info go to
Mariposa continues to perform in events and shows world wide; A few past highlights were: Aqua Live in Japan, Circo del Aire in Colombia, Dreamscapes tour in the US and Mexico.

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